Garmin BaseCamp 

Garmin BaseCamp

Essential requirements for setting up of Garmin BaseCamp Software

To initiate the setup of Garmin Basecamp Software, you must have to go fulfill the following prerequisites. It will help you in the trouble-free setup of this Garmin software so as to utilize this mapping application easily without any hindrance. 

  • You must go through the specifications and requirements that your device must have to install the application. To do so, you must visit the official page of Garmin. 
  • To install the application, make sure that you don’t have any other software application installed. If you found any, firstly uninstall it. 
  • Make use of the most recently launched web explorer to download and install the application. 
  • Delete all the files, folders that are not in use including the browsing history and cookies. This will clean up the storage space and allow the application to install easily on your device. 
  • Verify that the computer you are using to install the application is hooked up with a secure and safe network connection. 

Complete and Explanatory guidelines to download Garmin BaseCamp 

    • Setup your computing device: Switch on your computer or laptop on which you are currently working on and then hook up with a reliable and correct wi-fi network connection that you are currently using. 
    • Hook up your computer with a good Internet Network Connection:  As soon as your system gets attached to your network connection, you then have to launch the web explorer. You can pick up any web browser that is most suitable for you by clicking on the browser icon from the desktop. 
    • Input the Web Address correctly: Now, simply look at the top of the browsing window for the URL bar and simply put in the web address which is Hit the Enter key and wait until the pages load properly and the required web page appears on your screen. 
  • Pick up the downloading link as per your operating system: 

As a result, you will be presented with the official page of Garmin BaseCamp. You have to scroll down the cursor and at the bottom of the screen, you will observe the two distinct tabs for downloading for Windows and Mac. Hence, pick out the downloading link as per your operating system and continue with the downloading procedure. 

  • Initiate the downloading process: By doing so, it will immediately begin the downloading process of Garmin BaseCamp. The users downloading the software have to wait for a couple of seconds to complete the downloading process.
  • End the downloading procedure: At last, when you are done with the downloading process, you need to restart your computing device. 

Illustrative procedure to download the online downloaded setup file of Garmin Basecamp 

    • Once you have done with the downloading of the Garmin BaseCamp, you can carry on with the installation. To install the online downloaded setup file of this application, you have to simply follow the below-given instructions closely. Here, we have provided the installation details for both the Windows as well as the Mac users. 
  • Installation on Windows Desktop 
    • The users first have to go to the system’s default location i.e the Downloaded section. Just in case, you have picked up some other place to store the setup file, go to that particular folder straightaway. 
    • Immediately after this, once you get the file you have to place your cursor and click on the online downloaded setup file of Garmin BaseCamp twice. 
    • By doing so, the setup file will immediately open up right in front of your screen.  
    • From the next window that appears on your screen, opt for the Next button. 
    • Subsequently, the End User License Agreement window comes into view. Deeply go through the entire document and mark the respective checkbox. 
    • Carry on with the next step, opt for the Next button. 
    • Finally, it will commence the installation of the Garmin BaseCamp software, wait for it to conclude. 
  • Installation on Mac Desktop 
  • The Mac users are supposed is to launch the Finder icon and visit the download folder where the online downloaded files are usually saved. Continuing this, tap on the online downloaded setup file twice to open the setup file. 
    • Following that, you have to click on the Continue button and move ahead. 
    • You will then have to carefully review the Basecamp License Agreement thoroughly and opt for the Agree tab. 
    • In the middle of the process, you will be asked to put in the Mac Admin Login details, enter the same accurately. 
    • Lastly, you are supposed to navigate and choose the Install tab to commence with the installation of the Garmin BaseCamp. 

Link your Garmin device with Garmin BaseCamp 

  • To commence with the process of using the Garmin BaseCamp application on your Garmin device ensure that you have gone through the initial setup of the application. 
  • Instantly, it will showcase the Activity Profile pop up box on your computing device. Within the same window, you will get to know more about all the information regarding outdoor activities. 
  • Just after this, you have to hook up your Garmin device with the computing device that you are using at present. You have to hook the USB cable into your Garmin device as well as your computer. 
  • As a result, you will be showcased with all the important details irrespective of the Garmin maps. To navigate for all this information you have to look at the lower-left corner of the page. 
  • Subsequently, in case you want to view or make some required changes you are supposed to choose the Activity Profile option. 
  • Apart from this, you can also make use of the magnifying glass option. Along with this, it also provides you with the option to import the track records that you have chosen. 
  • Above all of this, you can also plan a new route to reach your desired destination. To do so, you have to pick up the New option and then choose the appropriate route as per your convenience.