Garmin Map Update Issue

Regular Map Update is essential for the accuracy, reliability and optimum performance of all the Garmin GPS Devices. These updates are easily available through an intuitive, user-friendly desktop application called Garmin Express. Although, it ensures that users can install the updates in the most simplified and convenient way. Yet, at times, users encounter Garmin Map Update Issue.

Garmin Map Update Issue

Garmin Map Update Issue is a common problem that you may face at times while installing Garmin map updates. Usually, you may experience the following symptoms during the process.

  • “There was an error installing the update”
  • “There was an error installing the content”
  • Update Stuck or Frozen Update i.e no visible progress.
  • Progress bar repeatedly returns backs to an earlier value.
  • Garmin Express Fails to Complete the “Copying Files” Stage.
  • “Error Installing the Content”.
  • “Error Installing the Update”.
  • “We are unable to activate your purchase at this time”.
  • “Can’t Download Maps update through Garmin Express”.
  • “Garmin Express map update download fails”.
  • “Garmin map update won’t download”.

Garmin Mpa Update Issue

How To Fix the Garmin Map Update Issue?

Quick Fixes

  1. Restart Your Computer
  2. Restart Garmin Device
  3. Shut Down Garmin Express and Reopen it
  4. Restart your Router/ Modem.
  5. Remove Garmin Device from Garmin Express and Add it again.
  6. Unplug the Garmin Device and plug it back again.
  7. Plugin the device to a different USB port on your computer
  8. Replace the USB cable connecting the Device to Garmin Express
  9. In case if you are using the SD Card. Then, format the card or use a different one.
  10. In case if you are trying to install updates through a Laptop. Then, plug it directly into a power source.

Update Garmin Express

You must ensure that you always have the latest version of this wonderful Garmin Express. However, if that is not the case. Then, you should immediately update it.   

Check and Free Up Disk Space on your Computer

Garmin Map Updates usually holds massive data that must be downloaded on your system. This is necessary for installing the updates on your Garmin Device. At times, these updates may require up to 20GB of space on your system’s Hard Disk in order to install it properly. As such, you must check the same and free up space on your system. If that is not possible, you can even consider getting updates on a different computer.

Internet Connection on Your Computer Must Fulfill The Specified Minimum Requirements for Garmin Express

You must go to “” and check the specified Internet Connection Requirements. Now, check the details of your Internet Connection to ensure it conforms with the specified requirements. If required, you may check the specifications of your internet service with your ISP.

Get Rid of Any Data Limit/ Restrictions Imposed by your Internet Service Provider

At times, Garmin’s Map Updates may consume several gigabytes of your Bandwidth. As such, in case your ISP imposes Data-Caps on your daily/ monthly usage. Then, you may get this issue. This is because Internet Service Providers completely restricts or reduces Internet Speed as you exceed the data limit. 

Correct The Date, Time, And Time Zone Settings On Your Computer

In case if the Date, Time, And Time Zone Settings on your computer are not set accurately. Then, also you will face this issue. Hence, access your system’s Clock Settings from the bottom right-hand corner of your monitor screen. Then, change the Date, Time, And Time Zone settings if it is incorrect.

Use Secure Personal Computers and Home Networks

In case if you are using shared computers and public networks, then, you may experience this issue. Hence, replace them with Personal Computers and Home Networks.

WiFi Network Users must Procure A Strong Signal

Users of WiFi Networks should check the signal strength of their connection if they face this Garmin Map Update Issue. In case of any problem with the same, you should try to boost the Signal Strength. However, if that is not possible, use a different network with strong signal strength. Else, you can use a broadband connection.

Uninstall And Reinstall Garmin Express

Apart from the above resolutions, you should completely uninstall Garmin Express from your system’s “Control Panel”. Thereafter, download the latest version of Garmin Express from the official website. After that, properly reinstall the same on your computer. 

Additional Steps

  • Properly Configure the Proxy Settings on your computer.
  • Disable VPN
  • Disable Firewall and other Security Software.
  • Close down other applications like Garmin BaseCamp on your system that is linked with your Garmin device.
  • Run Garmin Express as an Administrator.
  • Check for any partially downloaded map update and remove it.
  • Update your computer’s OS.
  • Use a Different Computer.

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