Garmin Instinct Review

The Garmin Instinct smartwatch has a lot of capabilities, including GPS tracking, a 14-day battery life, and navigation functions. The robust smartwatch is designed to track a variety of training modes, focus on outdoor activities, and much more.

The Garmin Instinct includes 28 sports modes that allow users to track activities such as walking, indoor track, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, running, cycling, pool swimming, Yoga, cardio, stair stepper, and other sports.

Furthermore, when it comes to sports personalities, Garmin Instinct is unrivaled. Therefore, Garmin Instinct is an ideal choice for all outdoor sports lovers because it has cutting-edge technology and satisfies all of the user’s needs. Additionally, this GPS-enabled smartwatch is ideal for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

Features of Garmin Instinct

Following are the features of the Garmin Instinct. So, scroll down and check out the following features.

  • It has Bluetooth and GPS feature
  • 16 GB Inbuilt
  • It has 1.2 in Display
  • It is water-resistant, 100 m, MIL-STD-810G
  • It has a heart rate monitoring feature
  • Altimeter, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count
  • 10 days Battery life
  • It has an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer

Pros and Cons

Apart from a few minor flaws, the Garmin Instinct is an excellent device. 


  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to afford
  • Rugged MIL-STD design 
  • Comfortable
  • Laden with outdoor features


  • No space for music 
  • Incorrect sleep tracking
  • No Garmin connect IQ applications

Garmin Instinct Specs

  • It is a 45mm smartwatch with interchangeable 22mm straps.
  • It has a 128 x 128-pixel monochrome display.
  • The battery life of the GPS is 16 hours.
  • It has a GPS/Galileo/GLONASS feature.
  • It works excellent with Android and iOS devices.
  • It features 24*7 activity tracking.
  • It has multisport tracking features (cycling, running, swimming, hiking, skiing, and much more.)

Garmin Instinct Characteristics

The Garmin Instinct is laden with the latest and advanced features. A few of them are listed below.


Although the Instinct has a lot of features, getting used to the five-button control scheme takes some practise. After half an hour of pushing, some of it, such as activity selection or forward-backward/up-down logic, is quite straightforward to figure out. However, going further into the alternatives becomes much more difficult.

Outdoor tracking

The Garmin Instinct allows users to track an extensive range of sports. Running, cycling and swimming are the major modes. Moreover, it also caters to outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, and even skiing.

Sports tracking

The Instinct is designed for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts (majorly climbers or trail runners). There are many better options if an individual wants a watch for a specific sport. That does not mean that Instinct isn’t a multi-sport watch; it simply means that an individual would be dissatisfied if they used it exclusively for road running at a price.

Heart Rate accuracy

The Garmin Instinct has a heart rate monitoring feature that monitors the heart rate of an individual. Moreover, it monitors the heart rate 24/7. 

Battery Life

The major factor of the Garmin Instinct is its battery life. Thus, it claims to work upto 16 hours while the GPS tracking is turned on. Also, it can work upto 40 hours using the UltraTrac GPS optimising mode.

Final words

So, hope that the information included above in the Garmin Instinct review was helpful for all users. The Garmin Instinct is the current model of Garmin Watches, and it comes with several new features that make it even more powerful and impressive. It’s the perfect smartwatch for everyone who enjoys sports and adventure. Moreover, the users can update the smartwatch using the Garmin Connect application. Although it is a pricey smartwatch, its quality and practical capabilities make it worthwhile.


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